Posted by: Banta | April 20, 2021

why now? why this?

Why now? Why this? The answer is unreasonably simple. My ancestors nudged me hard. I didn’t know that’s what was happening at the time. I only knew I was driven to take one step after another in their direction, as if invisible hands propelled me. I dove into months of coursework and several weekend intensives in Ancestral Lineage Healing, plus one-on-one sessions with practitioners already trained in the work by Daniel Foor, Ph.D. In 2019, I applied and was accepted to the Practitioner Training program in Ancestral Healing. Midst the unprecedented upheavals of the pandemic, the greatest antidote has been an immersion in Ancestral Lineage Healing work. Learn more and book a session on the website (Stock photo from Dreamstime image collection.)


  1. Congratulations! Well done! Interested in hearing what comes next!

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