Posted by: Banta | April 24, 2021

The humble Nautilus

Becoming a right-sized human involves being in right relationship not only with other humans, but with our animal and plant kin, with the larger powers that support life, with the microorganisms, the mountain stream, the Nautilus shell. The Nautilus puts so much into perspective for me. It’s one of the oldest creatures known to survive in Earth’s oceans, dating back some 500 million years. As it grows, it adds chambers to accommodate the need for more space. Perfectly spiraled chambers. A beautiful and elegantly precise work of art. Some say the spiral represents the journey inward, a connection with the divine, a spiritual evolution, ancestral wisdom. But for the humble Nautilus, the spiral is simply home. Bowing here in gratitude, for this ancient creature who invites us to spiral our own way home. (Stock photo from Dreamstime) #ancientwisdom #belonging #ancestors #divineconnection #humblenautilus


  1. Always a journey inward.

  2. So interesting!

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